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Connecting Therapists for Success in Medical Massage.

Why Medical Massage Academy?

We bring together massage therapists with hungry minds to learn a consistent and effective medical massage approach, cultivate business acumen, and gather insight from the best minds in the industry. Together, we can build a sustainable career that avoids injury, minimizes stress, and adapts to our professional journey.

"When am I ready to call myself a Medical Massage Practitioner (MMP)?"

This question resonates with every class we teach. Embarking on a medically based business involves a multitude of elements: mastering hands-on manual therapy techniques, branding, marketing, networking with local professionals, hiring, and time management, to name a few. The prospect can be daunting when faced alone. This holds particularly true for therapists desiring a shift from spa-centric work to the intricate realm of outcome-focused manual therapy – a journey often obscured by uncertainty.

Fear not; prepare to explore and discover your desired career step by step!!

Imagine a dedicated "Facebook" network for MMP's pursuing their dreams. Say hello to Medical Massage Academy! For a fee similar to that of a traditional static DVD bundle, we unfurl a tapestry of dynamic benefits: expect monthly group coaching sessions, access to an extensive video technique library in breathtaking 4k Ultra High Definition, and recorded coaching sessions to suit your schedule.

Together, we delve into monthly themes with community-driven inquiries, stimulating challenges, and engaging polls to guide both your practical prowess & business blueprint:

“Mastering the Basics” (July)
“Clinical Thinking Skills" (August)
"Soap Notes Made Simple" (September)
“The Elevator Pitch” (October)
“Connect, Engage, and Succeed Online” (November)
"Brand with Purpose" (December)
"Drafting the Dream Team" (January)
“Conquer Time, Conquer Goals” (February)
"Not Booked and Shook? Set the Hook!" (March)
"Expand the Toolbelt" (April)
“Staying Scope Savvy” (May)
“To Bill or Not to Bill...” (June)

This carousel of topics unfolds yearly, shaped by the evolving input of our members. Our online MMP curriculum remains a paragon of quality with regular updates to provide top-notch information.

What We Offer

  • A Community of MMP's: Engage with peers that have taken the medical massage practitioner program, share experiences, and be part of a supportive community. There's no need to go it alone! Available at no cost.
  • An Extensive Video Library: Participate in our comprehensive courses that teach our favorite techniques and guide you in applying them to real-life situations. These interactive courses include engaging video lessons which help you develop the skills needed to excel and attract clientele in need of effective treatment. Available with a tier 1 or tier 2 plan
  • Monthly Group Coaching: Join experts in the field for insightful workshops dedicated to building a successful massage therapy practice. Each month we center the discussion around a theme, such as technique, assessment, SOAP notes, insurance guidance, business strategies, self care, and more! These workshops not only prepare you for establishing your practice but also provide insights on avoiding common pitfalls associated with entrepreneurship in the massage therapy industry. Available with a tier 2 plan.

Tier 2 Video Demo:

Tier 1 Video Demo:

Take a sneak peek at content available in our video library:

Medical Massage Academy is brought to you by Advanced Bodywork Massage & Education, Inc. based in Grapevine, Texas. 🍇

(Pictured: Las Vegas Success School, June 2023)

We are medical massage therapists & educators.

Our core mission is to unite massage therapists who are eager to learn a consistent and effective medical massage approach, while also nurturing their business acumen. Together, we can forge a sustainable career that prioritizes our well-being, minimizes stress, and adapts to our professional journey.

About TC:

My passion for teaching Orthopedic/Medical Massage stems from my own healing journey and my strong desire to enhance the education of L.M.T.’s who often face physical, financial, and emotional challenges. Having personally experienced the toll of working excessively and grappling with various physical pains, I understand the struggle all too well. I transformed my approach to focus on non-drug treatments and manual therapies, enabling me to work more efficiently and alleviate my own orthopedic issues. On this network and in class, I aim to impart valuable knowledge to help you become a clinician, not just a massage practitioner, and empower you on your journey to a better, pain-free practice.

About Jessica:

When I first embarked on the MMP course, I felt compelled to move away from spa work due to the cycle of temporary relief it offered clients. My quest for guidance and mentorship led me to work as a teaching assistant which significantly accelerated my clinical experience. Over time, I took on responsibilities as the curriculum's copy editor and video editor, eventually progressing to become an instructor. I am passionate about fostering a community where therapists come together to collaborate and thrive! 

Now, with this platform, we're excited to extend our mentorship to therapists worldwide, assisting them in transforming their practices to cater to clients with medical needs and conditions.

What is "Medical Massage?"

It is no single technique, but simply means massage or manual therapy prescribed by a physician.